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After Support Pages, Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Go Launch Looks Likely. Go Online

What we know about the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Go so far

by George Mensah

Samsung sells a wide range of laptops under the Galaxy Book sub-brand. Other members of the Galaxy Book clan include the Galaxy Book Pro, Galaxy Book Pro 360, Galaxy Book Odyssey, and Galaxy Book Flex, besides the “original” full-sized Galaxy Book notebook. In June 2021, Samsung introduced the Samsung Galaxy Book Go, a new addition to the lineup.

The Galaxy Book Go differed from its Galaxy Book siblings in that a Qualcomm-sourced ARM-based chipset rather than an Intel X86 processor powered it. With a starting price of $349, it was also one of Samsung’s most affordable notebooks. Despite its low price, the Galaxy Book Go’s top variant included native 5G support.

After over 1.5 years since the first-generation Galaxy Book Go models were released, Samsung is reportedly working on releasing a successor. While there has been no official confirmation from Samsung, the official support pages for two upcoming Samsung Galaxy Book Go models are now live, according to Sammobile. There have been references to these new notebooks.

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Historically, Samsung’s support pages have not been helpful in uncovering the specifications of devices that have not yet been released — and this is likely to be the case again this time. According to the newly listed support pages, the Galaxy Book 2 Go’s entry-level model will be NP340XNA-KA1UK. Similarly, the machine’s 5G variant will have the model number NP345XNA-KA1UK. If it isn’t already obvious, these model numbers are unique to the machines sold in the United Kingdom. However, aside from the removal of the UK suffix, we do not expect important changes to the model numbers of the US-bound variants.


According to the Bluetooth SIG listing, the upcoming Galaxy Book Go models will support Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity. There is also a chance that the updated notebooks will include updated Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c-series chipsets. Sammobile also suggests that these machines will support Qualcomm FastConnect 6700 and Wi-Fi 6E. I expect the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Go to launch with Windows 11. Unfortunately, that is all we currently know about the second-generation Galaxy Book Go. While there has been no word from Samsung regarding a potential launch window for these handsets, we expect it will happen within the next few weeks.

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