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Chief Product Officer at MobileCoin, Bob Lee, tragically killed in San Francisco stabbing

by George Mensah
bob lee

Bob Lee, the Chief Product Officer at MobileCoin, has died after being fatally stabbed in San Francisco on Tuesday morning. The San Francisco Police Department received a report of a stabbing at around 2:35 a.m. in SoMa, and Bob Lee was taken to the hospital but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries. NBC Bay Area later confirmed that the victim was 43-year-old Bob Lee. MobileCoin also released a statement to Bloomberg and ABC7 News confirming the information.

Bob Lee’s illustrious career in tech saw him work for Google and Square, which later became Block, where he served as the company’s first CTO and created Cash App. He was also an investor in numerous tech startups, including SpaceX, Clubhouse, Tile, Figma, Faire, and Orchid, to name a few.

The tech community has expressed its grief following the news. Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Block, wrote on nostr, “It’s real. Getting calls. Heartbreaking. Bob was instrumental in Square and Cash App. STL guy.” Similarly, Figma CEO Dylan Field took to Twitter to express his condolences: “So sad to hear of @crazybob’s untimely passing. I first met him in summer 2006 — he didn’t care that I was only 14 and we talked tech / geeked out about programming. We remained connected over the years, and he was an early supporter of Figma. It’s so hard to believe he is gone.”

Bob Lee was also highly respected within the tech community for his programming skills. Hintymad wrote on Hacker News, “What a tragedy. I remember Bob’s code that generates certain numbers. Bob’s code is in Java, yet uses clever backtracking techniques to achieve the best performance among many solutions in all kinds of languages.”


The San Francisco Police Department has not yet provided any additional details on the case or made any arrests.

Bob Lee’s contributions to the tech industry will never be forgotten, and he will be dearly missed by all who knew him.

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