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E3 2023 Canceled: What Happened and What’s Next for Gamers

An unceremonious end, but there's some hope

by George Mensah
E3 2023

The much-awaited E3 2023 event has been canceled, and it’s official. Reed Pop and The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) have confirmed that we have scrapped both the physical and digital formats of the event. This news comes after several big names in the gaming industry like Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, Sega, and Tencent announced their withdrawal from the event. The event was supposed to take place from June 13 to 16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Why Was E3 2023 Canceled?

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Neither Reed Pop nor ESA has revealed the exact reason behind the cancellation. However, an internal email accessed by IGN suggests that the organizers didn’t receive enough interest to execute the event in a way that would showcase the size, strength, and impact of the gaming industry. This news comes as no surprise as industry giants like Nintendo, Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony had already confirmed their absence from the event.

Is There Still Hope for E3?

Despite the unceremonious end to E3 2023, ESA still views it as a “beloved event and brand.” This indicates that the event might make a comeback in the future. However, gamers shouldn’t hold their breath as the organizers need to address the issues that led to the event’s cancellation.

What’s Next for Gamers?

Even though E3 2023 is no more, June 2023 will still be an exciting month for gamers. Microsoft will host the Xbox Games Showcase on June 11, followed by the highly-anticipated “Starfield” reveal on the same day. On June 12, Ubisoft Forward Live is happening in Los Angeles, with both in-person and digital options available. The Geoff Keighley-hosted Summer Game Fest will start on June 8, 2023.


The cancellation of E3 2023 is a significant blow to the gaming industry, but it’s not the end of the world for gamers. The absence of the event will be felt, but there are still exciting announcements and events to look forward to in June. ESA’s positive outlook toward E3’s future is encouraging, and gamers can hope that the event will make a comeback soon.

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