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How to Download Your Twitter Archive

What's in a Twitter Archive?

by George Mensah

Twitter’s only verifiable feature right now is that it’s a dumpster fire. Elon Musk’s ownership is only two weeks old, and policies are changing daily. Even Twitter Support struggles to keep them straight.

We don’t know where the Twitter Blue experiment will stand once this story is published because I have started it, stopped it, and restarted it so many times. For the time being, Twitter Blue sign-ups have been halted because of an onslaught of fake but verified accounts that have appeared all over Twitter.

Eli Lilly, for example, was forced to clarify (via its legitimate @LillyPad account) that it is not offering free insulin after a verified, but bogus, account with the handle @EliLillyandCo tweeted: “We are excited to announce insulin is now free.”

Meanwhile, the @LockheedMartini verified Lockheed Martin account tweeted: “We will halt all weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the United States until further investigation into their record of human rights violations.” “BREAKING: A second Tesla has hit the World Trade Center,” tweeted @TeslaReal, with a blue check next to its name.

Elon Musk is blocking those who ask questions about verified scammers on the platform he purchased for $44 billion.

While many Twitter users have left, some of us have remained to at least witness the site’s demise. However, whether you intend to leave or are concerned about the site being shut down unexpectedly, which appears to be becoming more likely by the hour, save your Twitter archive. It can store memories, networking opportunities, and a path to reconnecting with those you’ll miss when this is all over.

Your Twitter archive contains your profile information, address book, tweets, direct messages, Moments, media (images, videos, and GIFs you’ve attached to tweets, direct messages, and Moments), as well as a list of your followers, accounts you follow, and lists you’ve created, are a member of, or follow. It also contains interest and demographic information derived by Twitter about you, as well as information about ads you’ve seen or interacted with on Twitter. The archive is also searchable using words, phrases, hashtags, and usernames, making it more than just a data dump.

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The first step is to confirm your email address with Twitter by going to More (your profile pic on mobile) > Settings and Support > Settings and Privacy > You Account > Account Information and checking the email address associated with your account.

More > Settings and Support > Privacy and Security > Scroll down to Download an Archive of Your Data under Your Account.

Enter your password and press the Confirm button. You’ll be asked to verify your identity using a code sent to your registered email address or phone number. Then, click Request archive.


When your download is complete, you will receive either a push notification or an email. Return to More > Settings and Support > Privacy and Settings > Your Account > Download an Archive of Your Data, and you’ll see a button to download a Zip file containing your Twitter archive.

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