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Introducing Apple’s Hypothetical Pocket-Sized Companion: An iPod Reborn?

by George Mensah
ipod reborn

Apple has been stirring up a buzz recently with its hypothetical pocket-sized companion that might replace your smartphone or smartwatch. In a patent application filed with the U.S. Patent Office, the tech giant detailed a headphone-case-meets-pocket-computer with a touchscreen display capable of playing music, and videos, reading books, and even navigating using mapping apps. Essentially, Apple seems to have reinvented the iPod all over again.

The patent application suggests that Apple may have developed a teensy iPod Touch or iPod Nano with a built-in charging nook for wireless earbuds. However, it’s important to note that this is just a patent application and there’s no guarantee that the device will ever make it to the market.

The existence of this patent application suggests that Apple may explore this device, especially since the company has shown a keen interest in smarter earbuds. Apple may also just be putting up some roadblocks for its competitors.

Steve Jobs, the late co-founder of Apple, said it best when he introduced the iPod in 2001, “The coolest thing about iPod is that you can take your entire music library with you, right in your pocket.” Fast forward to today, music is still one of the most important features of the iPhone, and it’s no wonder that the iPod still holds a special place in our hearts.


The iPod may be dead, but our yearning for devices that do fewer remains strong. With the potential launch of a pocket-sized companion that does it all, Apple is positioning itself to fulfill that desire once again.

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