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Google Play Developer Policy Changes: New Rules on Account Deletion

by George Mensah
Google Play Developer

Google has recently announced changes to its Google Play developer policy that will require stricter restrictions for apps that require user accounts. Developers must now provide users with the option to request full account deletion, with the ability to do so within the app and through an external portal, such as the app’s website. Google emphasized that the website requirement is crucial to ensure users have a convenient way to delete their accounts without the need to reinstall the app.

It influenced this policy update by Apple’s similar announcement in January 2022, which was implemented midway through the year. Social media apps like Instagram and Twitter have long had such measures in place, which were quickly followed by their Android counterparts. Google clarified that developers already had the option to highlight account deletion options, but this move will require all apps to comply.

Impact on Android apps: What developers need to know

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The new guidelines mandate that developers provide the option to delete all data associated with the account upon account deletion. However, developers can still provide a la carte data deletion, such as deleting activity history while retaining uploaded multimedia.

There is a caveat that permits developers to retain specific data in cases such as law enforcement investigations or regulatory compliance requirements. Developers must disclose any data retention requirements to users.

It will take time for all these changes to take full effect. Google is giving developers until December 7 to submit answers regarding their apps’ data deletion methods. This deadline will be used to populate the Google Play listing’s Data Safety section with the new information, which includes an area dedicated to data deletion and instructions on how to submit deletion requests. Developers can request an extension until May 31, 2024, to achieve full compliance. Users will see these changes reflected in their apps and Google Play listings early next year.


Google’s new policy changes reinforce the importance of user privacy and data protection. By giving users more control over their data, developers must provide a convenient way to delete their accounts and associated data. While these changes will require developers to put in significant workloads, it ultimately benefits users by ensuring that their data remains secure. This move also underscores the importance of transparency in data retention requirements, which is critical to maintaining users’ trust.

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