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The Imminent Netflix Crackdown on Account Sharing in Canada

The company is starting to lay the groundwork

by George Mensah

As the streaming giant, Netflix, tightens its grip on account sharing, it has embarked on a mission to persuade its users in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain to embrace individual subscriptions or request extra payment from the account holder. This comes as the company prepares to crack down on account sharing and is offering paid subscribers until February 21st to set their primary location.

In a recent blog post, Netflix reassured its traveling users they can still easily access the platform from their personal devices or log in from a new TV, such as those found in hotels or holiday rentals. The company’s latest move to curb account sharing is expected to take effect globally later this quarter.

To enforce the crackdown, a Netflix spokesperson confirmed that the company plans to display an “interstitial” message to account sharers in the four markets, appealing to them to sign up for their own subscriptions. The spokesperson stated that the company has no intentions of blocking accounts but is instead granting users a grace period to prepare for the impending account-sharing restrictions. However, the length of this period remains uncertain.

The announcement follows a previous policy, which required paid subscribers to stream from their primary household at least once every 31 days. The company swiftly revoked this policy after it received many complaints from its consumers.

To enhance its user’s streaming experience, Netflix is incorporating AI technology to generate anime backgrounds instead of hiring human artists. This innovative approach highlights the company’s relentless pursuit of excellence.


Paid subscribers in Canada can also opt to pay an additional $7.99 per month, which will allow someone outside their household to stream through their Netflix account, as per the company’s latest revelation.

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