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The Untold Story of the Ford Falcon from Mad Max 2: What Really Happened?

Mad Max's Ford Falcon can be yours

by George Mensah
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The 1981 film “Mad Max 2” is a cult classic that has achieved iconic status in the United States as “The Road Warrior.” The film introduced Mel Gibson to a worldwide audience, who would become a Hollywood superstar, starring in some of the most significant action films of the era, including the “Lethal Weapon” franchise. However, it is not just the actors that made this film famous; it is also the vehicles, particularly the Ford Falcon XB GT that Mel Gibson’s character, Mad Max, drives.

The Ford Falcon XB GT is a rare car that was only produced in Australia. The car featured a 351 CID Cleveland V8 engine with a fake Weiand blower sticking out of the hood. They added purely the blower for aesthetic purposes, as it was not functional because of its position above the air cleaner. To enhance its look, chrome quad Zoomie headers, a Concorde front end, and a roof spoiler were added, giving it an extra edge.

I initially introduced the Falcon in the first “Mad Max” film, where Max was seen repairing his Main Force Patrol V8 Pursuit car. However, it was the black Pursuit Special that caught everyone’s attention, and it was the car that the creators George Miller and Byron Kennedy chose as the perfect match for Max’s intense character. I gave the car to Murray Smith, the main stunt driver on set after I completed the film, who made it street-legal by removing the fake blower. He tried selling it, but no one wanted it, which turned out to be lucky for Miller because he used it in “The Road Warrior.”

In “The Road Warrior,” Max has made some modifications to the Falcon to make it more suitable for the post-apocalyptic world. He has gutted the interior and removed the rear trunk area to make room for dual fuel tanks, which he needs to survive in a world where gasoline is a prized commodity. I refer the car to as “The last of the V8 Interceptors” in the film, which is like the line from the first film, “the last of the V8s.” However, only one original car is believed to have survived the destruction of the film’s stunt car.

If you are a fan of the “Mad Max” franchise, you might be interested to know that Mad Max’s Ford Falcon can be yours. The car has had several owners over the years, and I have repainted it black and repaired it after its time on tour through Australia. It was part of the Cars of the Stars museum in England until 2011 when the Miami Auto Museum purchased the whole collection. Today, the car is presumably still inside Dezerland Park Orlando, but it is up for sale. You can find the listing on the museum’s website, but you will need to call for details.

Despite the film’s low budget, Miller and Kennedy spent a considerable amount of money building the Falcon, which turned out to be one of the most iconic cars in film history. This may explain why many of the extras in “Mad Max” were paid off with beer, but it was money well spent. The Falcon has become a symbol of the “Mad Max” franchise and has earned a cult following, with fans eager to own a piece of film history.


In conclusion, the Ford Falcon XB GT is an iconic car that has become synonymous with the “Mad Max” franchise. Its appearance in “The Road Warrior” helped to cement its status as one of the most recognizable vehicles in film history. The car has had several owners over the years, but it remains a valuable piece of film memorabilia. If you are a fan of the franchise, owning Mad Max’s Ford Falcon would be the ultimate collector’s

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