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BMW 3.0 CSL: An Enthusiast’s Dream Car

by George Mensah

BMW has just released what it calls the “ultimate M-series experience.” The BMW 3.0 CSL will be produced in a strictly limited quantity and will be designed from the ground up to be a purist’s dream — the ultimate expression of what a tuned-up BMW roadster should be. We at Slashbeats are not ashamed of our affection for the M-series. The combination of classic straight-six performance, an old-school manual gearbox, and occasionally out-of-the-box styling choices speaks to our car-geek souls.

The CSL appears to be up to the task. The 3.0 CSL was released to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the CSL Racer winning the European Touring Car Championship in 1973 (via BMW), and is meant to encapsulate everything that makes BMW roadsters so wonderful. Whether it can deliver that experience remains to be seen until we get our hands on one, but at the very least, stay tuned as we go over the details.

Unfortunately, we may not thoroughly review the CSL. The new roadster will be the most exclusive M-series to date, with only 50 units planned for production.

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Those 50 lucky customers will receive a pure M-series roadster with no compromises in efficiency, aesthetics, or practical value. From the engineering to the paintwork, the CSL — which stands for “Coupe, Sport, Lichtbau” or “Coupe, Sport, Lightweight” — is built for speed. The car has the most powerful straight-six engine BMW has ever put on the road, with 560 hp in a car that weighs just 2799 pounds at the curb. To keep that power in check, it will equip the CSL with high-level M-series carbon ceramic brakes.


I will equip the CSL with a classic 8-speed manual stick shift, in keeping with the design’s relentless purism. There’s no need for digital inputs or flappy paddles. The interior is spare and uncomplicated, with only two bucket seats and a few decorative flourishes to keep the focus where it belongs: on performance. To emphasize this point, the CSL will have gold-painted alloy wheels, a wild white exterior striped with vivid blue and red, and model numbers, 1 through 50, in bold black on both doors.

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