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SpaceX Starlink Satellite Internet is now available in two major markets

Starlink has bold plans

by George Mensah

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service is available in western European countries such as Spain, France, Germany, and Italy, among others. It listed Ukraine as a wait-listed region. Elon Musk deployed Starlink terminals in the war-torn country to assist citizens and the army in maintaining core communications as Russia attacked Ukraine’s existing ground-based networking infrastructure.

The US government and a few other allied countries partially funded the project to maintain Starlink connectivity in Ukraine. However, after they revealed SpaceX was facing hundreds of millions of dollars in expenses and would require government help, Musk boldly declared that SpaceX would continue to fund Starlink in Ukraine for free.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX announced in a tweet shared by the official SpaceX Twitter handle that its satellite internet service is now available in Finland, following the expansion of coverage in Sweden and Norway. SpaceX has more ambitious coverage plans for the near future.

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SpaceX recently expanded the coverage of its Starlink internet service to include all of Canada and Alaska. The updated coverage map on the official Starlink website now shows that the eponymous satellite internet service is available across almost all of North America, with Brazil and Chile among the Latin American countries supported.

Starlink has now crossed North America, offering satellite internet services even in the coldest remote areas of the hemisphere, with Canada and Alaska under its belt.

SpaceX has the most receivables. In its “coming soon” plans, the company also says it wants to cover all of Africa, most of Latin America, Greenland, and Southeast Asia. China and Russia are notable omissions, neither on the “waitlist” nor in the “coming soon” plans, most likely because of geopolitical tensions and national security concerns. Starlink’s coverage in Asia and beyond is currently limited, with Japan and Australia being the only regions where SpaceX’s service is officially available.


SpaceX hopes to circumvent these geographical constraints with its Starlink Maritime service. The Starlink Maritime coverage map shows that it already covers the coastlines of North America and Western Europe, as well as Brazil and Chile in South America and Australia. However, by the first quarter of 2023, SpaceX hopes to have covered nearly all of the international waters.

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