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4 Ways to Expanding Your Skill Set

by George Mensah

Before we dive into how we can expand our skill sets as individuals, we need to know what skill sets is and why it is important to have them as an individual.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a skill set is “a collection of skills and abilities that can be applied to a professional or creative endeavor”. This basically means having a wide range of skills that can be beneficial to you in professional or creative fields. In this fast-growing world of knowledge, it has become very important to add various skills and abilities that can set you apart and place you on a certain pedestal.

It is important to expand your skill set because it makes you versatile and confident while putting extra money in your pocket. Versatility means being able to adapt to different functions or activities. Say for instance if you are an event planner, yet possess the skills of a graphic designer and make-up artist, you get to perform all three functions that probably three individuals are needed to do, and that sets you apart and brings you extra money. Also say, you go for an interview; you are more confident because you know how wide your abilities and skills are.

Now, Let’s Look at Ways You Can Expand Your Skill Set.

•Identify your hobbies and nurture them into skills;

Hobbies are things we do for fun, especially during our free time. However, in developing skill sets, we can decide to identify certain hobbies and nurture them into skills that could be of use in the future. For example, if you like making and styling your hair and that of your family and friends as a hobby, you could consider nurturing it into a skill by taking online or physical training classes, on hair making and styling. This automatically adds up to your ability. An added advantage is that; it will come easy because it’s something you enjoy doing.

•Try learning the jobs of others;

Say in your organization or place of work for instance, you can add to your existing skills and abilities simply by learning the job descriptions of your colleagues. Of course, there are those colleagues who just wouldn’t be willing to teach you their jobs but there are others who are more than willing. If you are the cashier, you could easily learn from the accountant.

•Join Volunteer Groups.

This can be really helpful if you join an active volunteer group. Take me for instance, I enjoy helping others so joined a volunteer group recently. This has really helped me in a lot of ways because there are times activities needed to be organized and I had to frontline them. This for instance has added to my leadership, organization, and communication skills. Some volunteer groups also organize workshops and seminars that can really be helpful.

•Dive into related fields of your existing skills and abilities;

A great way to expand your skill set is by researching and diving into fields related to your existing skills and abilities. For instance, if you are into barbering, related fields could be–braiding hair, manicure & pedicure, beard care, simple massages, etc. By adding up all the above skills and more, your customers get to enjoy a lot of services when they visit your shop. This adds up to your revenue. The same could hold for someone in graphic design. If all you do is create flyers, invitation cards, etc., you could add motion graphics, and photo editing among others.


Improving oneself has become a necessity because of the growing globalization and technological advancements. In all you do, make sure you have versatility.

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