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Apple’s HomePod with 7-Inch Display Will Change the Way You Listen to Music

The first Apple HomePod with a display

by George Mensah
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When Apple’s first smart speaker launched in 2018, I positioned the Apple HomePod as the company’s answer to the comprehensive range of smart speakers from Amazon, Google, and Sonos. In 2019, just over a year after the launch of the first-gen HomePod, Apple announced the HomePod Mini; a smaller, but equally capable smart speaker positioned as a more affordable version of the standard HomePod. The Apple HomePod Mini cost just one-third the price of its large sibling but also lost out on the sound quality and overall loudness.

But now, in January 2023, four years after the launch of the HomePod Mini, Apple has unveiled a new full-sized HomePod with several feature upgrades, including built-in temperature and humidity sensors. This new device, also called the Apple HomePod, is positioned as a successor to the original HomePod from 2018. And now, there’s even more exciting news on the horizon for Apple enthusiasts and tech-savvy homeowners.

Apple is reportedly working on designing a new HomePod model for 2024 that will feature a 7-inch touchscreen display. This upcoming HomePod product will combine the prowess of a smart speaker with the additional functionality of a display, which will enable easier access to a lot of features enabled by Apple’s smart home strategy.

What to Expect from the New Apple HomePod

Unlike existing HomePod models that only function as a smart speakers, this upcoming HomePod product will integrate a 7-inch touchscreen display. This display will enable users to interact with the device in a more visual way, making it easier to control smart home features and access other apps and services. It is not yet clear what other functions the touchscreen display will offer, but with Apple’s reputation for innovation and usability, we can expect something truly impressive.

In addition, the new HomePod will almost certainly have tighter integration with existing and future Apple products. This means that users will connect to other Apple devices in their homes and enjoy a seamless, integrated experience across their entire smart home ecosystem.

Why Apple’s New HomePod is a Game-Changer

Apple’s upcoming HomePod model marks a significant shift in the company’s plans for connected smart homes of the future. With a focus on ease of use and tight integration with other Apple products, I set the new HomePod to be a game-changer in the world of smart speakers and home automation.

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Integrating a touchscreen display on the HomePod is a feature that sets it apart from its competitors, including Amazon and Google’s offerings in the space. By combining the functionality of a smart speaker with the convenience of a touchscreen display, Apple is providing a more intuitive way for users to interact with their smart home ecosystem.


In addition, Apple’s dedication to security and privacy means that users can trust the HomePod to protect their personal information and data. This is an important consideration in an age where data breaches and hacking attempts are becoming more common.

What the Future Holds for Apple’s HomePod Lineup

While Apple has not revealed specific plans for the HomePod lineup beyond the upcoming model with a touchscreen display, several Apple analysts have hinted that future HomePods could become a central part of Apple’s smart home ecosystem. The potential for a more affordable version of the HomePod with similar features to the high-end models is an exciting prospect and one that could help Apple compete with Amazon and Google in the smart speaker market.


With the upcoming release of the new HomePod with a touchscreen display, Apple is poised to revolutionize the world of smart home technology. By combining the prowess of a smart speaker with the additional functionality of a touchscreen display,

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