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iOS 16.4 to bring 31 new emoji

by George Mensah

Apple has just released the iOS 16.4 developer beta, giving us a sneak peek at the upcoming set of emojis that will be coming to iPhones. The new set of emojis, which were first unveiled during the draft phase last year, remain largely unchanged, with only the shaking head emoji now angled.

While the designs are subject to change before the final release of iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4, the developer beta release provides us with a fairly reliable look at what to expect. In September 2022, Emoji 15.0 was certified by Unicode, and it is this version of emoji that will be released.

Here are some of the highlights of the new set of emojis:

Variations on the heart emoji:

Among the most highly anticipated additions are new variations on the heart emoji, including a pink heart, blue heart, and gray heart.

Pushing hand gestures:

There are two new pushing hand gestures, one for the left hand and one for the right hand. They can be used either as a “stop” gesture or together for a high five.

Shaking face emoji:

The shaking face emoji is an interesting addition, which is likely to be used as a way of expressing “I’m shook” by texters.

New animal emojis:

Animal emojis that have been added include a donkey, moose, goose, jellyfish, and a wing, which may be used to express flying in more metaphorical ways.

Other new emojis:

Other new emojis span categories like food and drink, activity, objects, and symbols, and include a hyacinth, pea pod, ginger, folding hand fan, hair pick, flute, maracas, and Khanda and wireless symbols.

It’s worth noting that while these emojis represent how they will look on Apple devices, Emoji 15.0 will roll out to all supported platforms in early 2023.

If you want to try out the new emojis right now, you’ll need to download the iOS 16.4 beta 1 release, which is available through Apple’s Developer Program. The final public release is expected to arrive sometime in March or April 2023.


In conclusion, the upcoming set of emojis looks set to provide users with a range of new ways to express themselves. With new variations on the heart emoji, pushing hand gestures, and a shaking face emoji, users will be able to convey a wider range of emotions and actions. Additionally, the new animal and object emojis provide more options for users to express themselves in a more creative way.

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