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Spotify Takes a Page from TikTok and Instagram with Video Previews

Boosting discovery with previews

by George Mensah

Spotify, the leading global music platform, is making a big move towards the ever-popular video feed format that we see on apps like TikTok and Instagram. With a significant redesign of its user interface, Spotify is putting a strong emphasis on offering previews to boost content discovery.

One of the most prominent changes to Spotify is the new discovery feed, which features personalized recommendations for songs, playlists, and albums, all as video slides. These short video snippets offer a glimpse into the song and the artist behind it, complete with the track playing in the background.

If you tap on a playlist or album preview, you can get a quick listen to the tracks in that bundle. Premium subscribers will also enjoy an AI DJ feature that offers a selection of songs and some history on the artist, song, or album.

A New Era for Podcasts on Spotify

Spotify is also extending this video preview approach to its podcast hub. Just like music recommendations, you will also see personalized podcast recommendations at the top of the dedicated podcast hub as video previews. Interestingly, if the volume is disabled, you can still enjoy a recommended podcast through a real-time transcript of the audio clip.

Audiobooks Get the Preview Treatment

Spotify is also making strides to boost content discovery for audiobooks. The app’s audiobooks hub will now offer personalized recommendations just like you see them for music and podcasts. Unlike songs, which are short, audiobooks will be available for preview in a longer format of up to five minutes.

The previews offer more than just a tease of the recommended content. Users can also find playback controls, add content to their library, line it up in a queue, and even download it through the preview card. The play button will launch the full song playback, while the “continue listening” option will seamlessly guide you to the full podcast episode.

Spotify’s Rollout of Previews

Spotify has already rolled out an audiobook, music, and podcast previews to users, both free and paid subscribers. While audiobook previews are currently only available to Spotify audiences in the U.S., the U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, music and podcast previews are available globally, according to the press statement.

Why This is a Game-Changer for Spotify

With this new redesign, Spotify is making it easier for users to discover new music, podcasts, and audiobooks. The video preview format is a huge win for the platform as it mimics popular social media apps that users are already familiar with, like TikTok and Instagram. The personalized recommendations will undoubtedly lead to more exploration and discovery of content, which will increase user engagement with the platform.


This redesign is also a huge win for artists, podcasters, and authors as it provides them with more opportunities to be discovered. The video previews offer a new way for artists to showcase their music and personalities, while podcasters can offer a taste of their content before listeners dive into a full episode. Audiobook authors can now offer a sneak peek into their work before users commit to purchasing the entire book.

In Conclusion

Spotify’s new redesign is a game-changer for the platform. The video preview format is an excellent addition to the platform, and the personalized recommendations are sure to lead to more content discovery. This new redesign also benefits artists, podcasters, and authors by providing them with more opportunities to showcase their work and be discovered.

If you’re a Spotify user, you can start enjoying these new features now. And if you’re not yet a user, now might be the perfect time to join.

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