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The 5G Leak Galaxy A52 leave no spec unturn

by George Mensah

In the smartphone market, the Galaxy A51 5G was the unforeseen start last year, nearly tied to its more expensive Galaxy S-line cousins due its price value. Samsung naturally wants to replicate the achievement and repeat that with two Galaxy A52 variants. However, this last leak means the Galaxy A52, both LTE and 5G versions, won’t be shocking, and are the gradual updates from a system Samsung needs to milk until it’s dry.

Galaxy A52 5G leak leaves no spec unturned

Thanks to the combination of costs, 5G pledge and the time-frame, last year the Galaxy A51 5G was successful. The successors of this year, at least in terms of price, will be no different. For a 4G LTE model, the Galaxy A52 cost EUR 349, approximately $ 420 while the version 5G costs EUR 429, approximately € 520, according to WinFuture.

You cannot expect the Galaxy A52 for those costs, of course, to stand up to the Galaxy S21. The 4G model will start with a Snapdragon 720G while the Snapdragon 750G gives its particular characteristic to the 5G version, albeit to the detriment of a somewhat less powerful CPU. In both versions there are 6GB of RAM 128GB and 8GB of RAM 256GB, but in which markets are not known the storage options are available.

In addition to network support, there are no other variations between the two versions. They are both fitted with 6.5 inch 2400 FHD+ SuperAMOLED displays with a refresher rate of up to 90 Hz. They have 4,500 mAh large batteries that support 25W fast wired charge but do not charge wirelessly. One special feature is an IP67 water resistance and dust rate which, despite the regular microSD card slot with headphone jack, is actually uncommon for the Galaxy-A-Line.

Although Samsung has four cameras, it seems that it has escaped its more recent designs and placed three of its main sensors in one column. This is led by a 64MP main shooter and an 8MP, ultra-wide, 5MP and 2MP captures that may be macro and depth cameras. These may not be considered worthwhile, but they are likely to be appropriate for most users provided the price point.

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