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Twitter retweets now comes with photos, videos, and GIFs

by George Mensah
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Twitter retweets now comes with photos, videos, and GIFs

Sometimes you can say more with a single photo can say extra than a few words, specifically if you’re on a 280-character limit. Even with Twitter’s extended quota, some expressions are best proven rather than told. You can already reply to tweets with more than just text but what if you desired to share the original tweet as well? Well then whip up your cellphone and begin searching for the suitable GIF because now you can include those in retweets, too.

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Twitter and GIFs can each be created differently has  given birth to new forms of abbreviated expressions. Twitter’s previous 140 character limit imposed brevity, conciseness, and terrible spelling. While GIFs have excited for ages, they have beocme sources of pleasure and outlets for expressions when mere words aren’t ample to carry your thoughts.

Those two have  soon  come together when you reply to tweets, permitting users to share their feelings in style. Or, for greater serious cases, consisting of irrefutable proof that any one used to be incorrect on the Internet. Unfortunately, your followers won’t be privy to that.

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Now you can spread it around, including the original tweet, by using retweeting with a commentand turning that commentinto a GIF, a video, or a photo. All of Twitter’s capabilities in uploadingsuch media and looking for the perfect GIF for the event are now at your disposal as well.
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The only catch? It’s solely reachable on mobile, meaning the iOS app, the Android app, and mobile Twitter in  web browsers. Desktop users will have to settle for letters, numbers, and a dozen or so emojis.

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