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The Most Impressive New Meta Quest Pro Feature

With Meta Quest Pro, games are not the limit

by George Mensah

The Meta Quest Pro comes with a game-changing feature not seen in previous headsets. When compared to the Meta Quest 2, Meta made some noticeable changes with the newer Pro headset. Unlike previous models, the Meta Quest Pro places a strong emphasis on picture quality. As if the “Pro” label wasn’t clear enough, Meta’s new Virtual Reality headset is designed for work rather than play. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t do both, as evidenced by its redesigned Passthrough feature.

Pass-through mode allows users to see through the headset’s integrated front cameras, resulting in an interactive Augmented Reality space. Wearers will see not only their surroundings but also virtual objects with which they can interact — a mixed-reality setup. There are some differences between VR and AR, but when combined in a full mixed-reality setting, it can provide a completely different experience than traditional Meta Quest games. In terms of what kind of experience that is, in this case, seeing is believing.

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The Passthrough feature on the Quest Pro isn’t the first time an AR-like external viewing mode has been available on a Meta or Oculus VR headset. In fact, it’s already one of Meta Quest 2’s hidden features. However, the Passthrough mode in Meta Quest 2 leaves a lot to be desired, with its drab, monotone rendering of the real world. Because the Meta Quest 2 specs use less powerful hardware, such as 6GB RAM and a Snapdragon XR2 processor, these limitations effectively prevent the Passthrough function from reaching its full potential.

Unlike more gaming-oriented VR headsets, the superior hardware of the Meta Quest Pro transforms Passthrough mode into an entirely new experience. It has 50% more power thanks to the upgraded Meta Quest Pro specs, which include an updated optical lens setup, improved 12GB RAM, and a Snapdragon XR2+ processor (via Meta). That means that apps and games on the Meta Quest Pro will perform better, look smoother, and feel more natural while being less nauseating and claustrophobic than the Quest 2 headset. Of course, the improved quality extends to its Passthrough mode, which is now fully colored, visually vibrant, and noticeably crisper, allowing it to perform far more complex tasks. The Meta Quest Pro is a game-changer for many.

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One of the most noteworthy challenges with VR headsets is the potential for strain, which can cause users to feel disoriented after long sessions. After all, being trapped inside virtual reality can quickly make anyone long for the outside world. Fortunately, the upgraded hardware of the Quest Pro has been designed specifically to merge both realities. Users will not only be mindlessly killing time, but they will also be productive, thanks to the Meta Quest Pro’s applications’ ability to make work feel like playing at the same time. For example, the VR headset already has several launch titles that fully use these technological advancements (via Oculus).


Apps such as “Arkio” and “Resolve” enable creators to visualize and collaborate on their work in a mixed-reality environment that more closely resembles their actual surroundings. Without the constraints of the physical world, artists and designers can push their ideas to new heights while using fewer resources. Other applications include using “Immersed” to transform any empty room into a fully equipped office, or using “Figmin XR” to make your wild visual fantasies a reality. Meanwhile, the “Tripp” and “Wooorld” apps can provide a relaxing escape from the real world without actually leaving it. Passthrough mode alone sounds interesting, but it only scratches the surface of what the Meta Quest Pro is capable of. 

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