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Why You’ll Love The iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island Cutout

by George Mensah

Apple’s most significant update to the iPhone lineup since the iPhone X is the iPhone 14 Pro. Although Apple introduced the notch to maximize the utility of the empty bezels on the top and bottom of the display, it has become outdated over time, particularly in comparison to the rapidly evolving world of Android smartphones. The newly released iPhone 14 Pro has a dynamic pill-shaped cutout that promises far better interaction with notifications, alerts, media content, and other features.

The Dynamic Island cutout on the iPhone 14 Pro houses a new and smaller Face ID sensor, while the ambient light sensor has been relocated below the display. Apple claims that the new True Depth camera takes up 30% less space than the iPhone 13 Pro.

The new XDR OLED on the iPhone 14 Pro is now as bright as Apple’s ProDisplay XDR, with a peak brightness of 1,600 nits. The iPhone 14 Pro’s OLED display, thanks to improved LPTO technology, can operate at variable refresh rates ranging from 1Hz to 120Hz, depending on the content on the display.

Dynamic, exciting, and plenty useful

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The new cutout was widely leaked months before the iPhone 14 Pro announcement today. Apple, on the other hand, continues to impress us with the functionality of its Dynamic Island cutout. First, the size of the cutout changes with each new alert or notification. If you receive a call, for example, the cutout will expand to cover a larger area of the display. Because the iPhone 14 Pro has an OLED display, the blacks on the screen easily blend with the cutout, making it unnoticeable.

Apple’s Dynamic Island is described as a “exciting new way to experience the iPhone.” Because, in addition to dynamically morphing with new alerts, notifications, and playing media, the Island also houses quick access toggles for media, connected accessories, and mobile hotspots. Users will be able to easily switch between these apps or interact with features by tapping tiny icons on the Dynamic Island without having to open the app in fullscreen. As a result, the Dynamic Island could be compared to the defunct Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro.


Apple describes Dynamic Island as a “exciting new way to experience the iPhone.” The new cutout should improve user functionality and could be one of the most exciting iPhone features in recent years.

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