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How to Link Your Values to Your Passion in Life

by George Mensah

We are not born with ethics, values or passions to propel our lives further. It is the societal conditioning, upbringing, support (or the absence of it) and educations that help people discover their potential, strengths or weaknesses for that matter.

However, in life, we often find ourselves standing at the crossroads and muddle-headed over choosing one of the following- passion or ethics/values. Everything nice and successful comes at the price of some compromises and adjustments made in our thinking capacities and mental taming.

Every entrepreneur who is trying to carve a niche for himself in this big world had to give up on his values at some point of time in order to achieve the greatest rewards and success in the business. This does not mean that every business house runs on the protocol of deceit and twisted strategies. It is the balance that drags your dreams to a powerful world of reality. Linking values to your passion in life need efforts and constant meet-ups with failures.

Sadly, the world operates like that and this makes it arduous for someone to actually sustain their lives and career in that manner for longer. Does that mean giving up on the values is the only way for achieving happiness in life? What it takes to actually built an empire that is fueled by your passion and propelled by ethics?


Self-worth does not equate arrogance. Self-worth is about realizing what you actually deserve and realizing what you need to cut off or not let into your life. The first step to building a bridge between values and passion in life is through the utmost power of knowing your worth. When we fail to build the boundaries around us is when we allow negative vibes flow in and command the way we live and communicate with people.

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While following your passion in life, you will meet people who pull you down, mock at your dreams or even refuse to not take you seriously. Presence of these people in your life and the duration of their stay will depend upon how tall your boundaries are. This is self-worth and realizing every bit of it. You may wish to listen to the negative chatter or even think about witnessing the mockery but the pronounced sense of self-worth will always put a shield of confidence at the forefront that does not serve your higher purpose.


With self-worth comes tremendous amount of confidence and you walk with poise even with bare minimums. As they say, “the best attire you can wear is your Confidence”, which is true because a slouched posture and terrified facial expression would not take you places, anyways. Education gives you wings to fly high but confidence maintains the mindset and fuels the ambition.

In a world where money and status judges the stature of a human being, it becomes really difficult to stray away from the mentality and approach your passions in life. You may be forced to walk the easiest way or take up a regular cubbyhole career but it is the confidence in your belief system and abilities that shall hold your decisions really tight. You can easily link your values to your passion by realizing that every single stone thrown at you is the very first brick that would help you lay a foundation of the desires and dreams into the real world. Human ethics, as mentioned in the scriptures and Vedas talk about fulfilling your duties and not worrying about the results. Your self-confidence shall not let you deter from the path and education will serve as a torch-bearer.

Socializing & Communication

Remember, how self-worth makes you choose the right things in life? Same goes for choosing the right people and striking a deep conversation with them. Communication is the key to a person’s heart and often open doors to new possibilities. Socializing can help you in many ways as you strive to bring your passion and ethics together on the same ground. When you meet people in or outside your organization, you share stories, dreams, defeats and fears, which brings you all together in the same frequency.

The learning curve takes a good angle and you garner aspects from their stories that your own life misses big time. Empowering someone else is a noble act but doing the same with your own consciousness is gold. You amplify your successes, fuel your desires, and negative traits like ego and competition go for a major toss. Collaboration is about achieving success through combined efforts and practicality, which means zero fallacy and (or) greed to be at the top. Often times, you feel directionless and devoid of ideas for taking your passion to the next level. Correct socializing shall connect you to potential opportunities and ethical means to make things happen.

Stories of Survivors

We often pay attention towards a victim and misjudge a survivor. This is the sadistic part of modern society. During the conversation with like-minded people, do not listen to just the success stories but ask about their defeats as well. Talk about their past mistakes, scars that do not heal, and people who stabbed them so hard that they still bleed. Now, you must be thinking about all the why’s, how’s and where’s. You see, a victim mindset might fetch you some attention for the time being but a survivor shall garner respect in the long run.

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A survivor knows the optimum ways to thrive in a challenging environment, turn a downright rejection into something powerful, and abilities to learn from the mistakes. Connect with people who have escaped some of the biggest and unfortunate incidents in their lives, such as Rape victims, war survivors, professionals who are ahead in the race despite hurdles, and even expats living in a different country and handling things on their own. Their stories will not let you deter from a path of confidence, truthfulness, and hard work. In this very moment, you might be thinking of giving up but open up your eyes to possibilities and chances that can make you win a good fortune. Inculcating passion into this 3-D world might seem difficult but it’s not something you cannot achieve.

Questioning the Life Path

Question your life’s path? In this very waking moment ask yourself, “Am I on the right path?”, “Is this my ultimate life path?” or simply, “Does this make me truly happy?” If you answer “No” to any of these or maybe one of the questions, then probably it is time to take a step back and assess your choices. Our highest life purpose in this human experience is to serve others and help those who are inferior to us in any shape or form. This is possible if we have enough resources to offer, right? Service and philanthropy become the second side to your nature when your passion is in action and ethics intact.

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A weak exhausted soul that works under the pressure of his life and people will never be able to serve others. Realize what matters to you the most. You must focus on bringing all your resources together and collaborating with the right people so that you can empower other people around you, help them realize their true potential, and move ahead in life with power. How is it possible? This is possible if you refuse to compromise on your ethics, put your passion in life at the forefront, and working hard towards your goals. Question your life path more often, so that you know the dip points and areas that need immediate rectification. Do not agree upon walking a path that deters you from your values.

Introduce discipline in your life and watch things turning into a magical reality.

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