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Tips to Increase Productivity in The Workplace

by George Mensah
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Productivity is relative to success in every working environment. To be a great employee that contributes to the success of the organization where you work, you need to maximize your productivity. This does not come automatically, as you need to put in the effort.

We define productivity as a measure of how effectively and efficiently an individual completes a task. We know by now that, that’s what employers are looking for in an employee. And if you are trying or working towards being a productive employee, then the following tips are definitely for you.

Familiarize yourself with the values and goals of the organization; Knowing what the organization your work for stands for is very important to your success as an employee, as this will help you contribute to the organization’s success. Take time to thoroughly read and understand what the organization needs from you. For example, if you are working with a fashion house, you should know the goals and values that the organization stands for. What they seek to achieve long-term and short-term. This helps you to know what to bring to the table as an employee or designer.

Try to be accountable to yourself; aside from the fact that, you need to report to your supervisor or employer; you owe yourself accountability. Being accountable to yourself will help you stay on track and in check. Familiarizing yourself with your job description and the organization’s goals is not enough to be productive at your job. You need to own the job or tasks assigned to you as an employee. With that sense of ownership, you are most likely to give your duties to your best shots. You also get to avoid mistakes or correct them on time before I realized any further damage.

Self-Motivation can help; Employers may do their best to motivate you as an employee in order to increase overall productivity at the workplace. However, if you are not self-motivated, no amount of motivation from your employer will help you. You need to get something to hold on to. Something that encourages you to keep pushing. This is why it’s important to work in a field you enjoy or relate positively to. Motivation can stem from conversations with your colleagues at work or even your desk setup. This can go a long way to affect your productivity positively.

Keep to your breaks; I know it is easy to overstay your breaks especially if there are no strict rules at your place of work regarding break times. However, try not to take more time than the time allocated for breaks. Loitering or lazing about wouldn’t look great on your profile as an employee first. Second, why leave your duties or tasks undone to loiter overly relax? Remember, you are being paid to work and that work must be completed on time.


Include exercising in your routine; I cannot overemphasize the health benefits of exercising enough. Exercising regularly helps keep the mind fresh and the body active, Hence, to be a productive employee, you need to exercise regularly. Tasks can be stressful. Also, without a sound mind and good health, you cannot deliver as you should.

There are several other things that can contribute to your productivity in the workplace and these are just a few of such. Being a productive employee benefits not only the organization, it also benefits you as an individual and prepares you for other future endeavors.

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