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8 Expert Tips for Dealing with Anger

by George Mensah

As humans, it is very normal to get angry. It is a healthy emotion. However, it can get challenging when you find it difficult to tame it or get it in check such that, it gets in the way of your relationships with family and friends. If you exhibit aggression whenever you get angry or more often, it is time to seek remedies to deal with your anger issues.
I described anger as a strong feeling of displeasure or annoyance as a result of many things such as mistreatment, opposition, etc. For example, when you yell at your child because he/she refuses to corporate with you when you are already running late for work.

here are a few tips to help you control your anger

Take a breather;

Usually, when you get seriously angry, you may realize that your breathing gets shallower and speeds up. In order to calm yourself, take a breather by taking slow, steady, deep breaths from your nose and exhaling out of your mouth. By repeatedly doing this, you will notice a recline in your anger level. This helps you not to lash out but stay in control of your emotion (anger).

Try repeating a mantra;

If you are one who listens to your inner voice of yourself or finds it good to speak to yourself, try finding a word or a phrase that has high potency in calming you down whenever you get angry. It could be phrases such as; “it will be fine” “relax and take it easy”, “ignore this one. It’s not worth it”, or “not today”. Just find a phrase that works fine for you and repeat it whenever you get upset.

Take a timeout;

Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, it is better to excuse yourself and take a break. Try sitting away from people, especially the person who got you angry. This way, you get to process the events that led to your current state and make meaning out of them. while alone, you can try to get your emotions back to a neutral state and begin to think more clearly.

Stretch out your muscles;

it is very common to throw out your hand when angry or trying to hit someone with anything you can lay hands on in the heat of the moment. More like, you just want to get it out of your system. So, why not direct all that energy into stretching out your muscles by doing a neck roll or a shoulder roll which are nonstrenuous yoga movements? These can help you control your body movements and tame your emotions.

Inject some music into your system;

As a way of escape from anger, try listening to some good music or sound to calm your nerves. Allow music to carry you or take you away from your feelings of anger. You could try your favorite music and sing along or hum to get the anger out of your system.

Try laughing it out or using humor to release tension;

You can try diffusing your anger by remembering something funny to cause you to laugh out loud or looking up something funny on the internet. By doing this, you are countering your sad emotion with a happy one. And if you allow the laughter to take over, your anger will slowly diminish.

Try walking around for a moment or for as long as you wish;

Walking is a way of exercising and doing that in the moment of anger could help calm our never and reduce our anger level. You could walk around your house or neighborhood or the office building. Try not to walk too slowly but a bit briskly. Also, the site of nature could help calm your nerves and you are most likely to see and experience nature while taking a walk.

Know when to lash out or voice out your anger;


There are just those times trying to keep your calm and work on your nerves won’t work the magic for you. If you notice that at any point, don’t take the shortcut. Just voice out your emotions and say exactly how you feel about the situation. This does not just set your mind free and calm your nerves but it also helps you not to keep a grudge against whoever angered you. Keeping grudges can be harmful to your health and destroy relationships in the long run.

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