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Useful Tips for making a good first date impression

by George Mensah
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You are all excited for your first date with that crush of yours or the lady you’ve been trying to start a relationship with for months, and creating a great first impression has become your number one worry. You want to look good, smell great, have sparkling teeth and the list continues. Well, your anxiety and worry are in the right place because first impressions really count. However, don’t sweat it. By just being yourself, and following these few tips I’ve got for you, you will be just fine.
Dress well; It’s not just about looking good and fine. It’s also about dressing to match the occasion. Your date venue and activities will determine what you should be wearing. If your date is a karaoke session, you can’t go looking like you are hitting the club! You can try typing “clothing ideas for…(insert your date idea). And voila, you’ll have so many ideas to choose from or inspire your look for that date.

Try different date ideas than the regular or popular ones; Most often, when the word ‘date’ is mentioned, our minds quickly go to; dinner dates and movie dates”. Meanwhile, there are several date ideas to choose from. Examples include; taking a cooking class together, going hiking, spa night, diner and painting (usually tagged “sip and paint”) among others. With the internet at our fingertips, you can achieve a lot by just searching your thoughts. Also, choosing to be interested in date venues and activities helps with conversation engagements as well as “breaking the ice” or “tension”.

Keep to time; I know we sometimes don’t have full control of time but adequate planning can save you from traffic-related lateness. If you know you’ll travel on a heavy-traffic road, leave home on time. The worst impression you can create on a first date is arriving late and keeping your date waiting and expecting your arrival. It’s even better to arrive earlier than your appointment time.

Be confident, joyful, and positive; appearance is not only about looks but about posture too. Walk confidently and be confident in your speech as well. However, don’t overdo it. Being confident doesn’t require you to be loud, rude, or force your opinion on your date. Keep a smile and a joyful mood as a sign of positivity.

Get creative with your conversation topics; Prior to your first date, I’ll like to believe that, you and your date partner may have spoken. At least you both know the basics about each other. Even if it were a blind date, you’ll still have basic information on them. Hence, the need to get creative with the conversation and move away from small talk. You can speak on fashion, health, and politics. Just anything outside the basics.


Keep your phone away; We all love social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) but when we have company, it’s important to keep the phone away. This confirms to your date partner that they have your full attention. Looking at your phone often, whilst on a date may communicate the message “I’m not interested” or “You are boring”. This can portray you as a rude person. More like, you are present but not present.

While first dates may be nerve-wracking, it’s not you walking right into war. So breathe and just do you! Do not fake a personality just to fit in or get your date’s attention. Remember that, should the relationship progress, your fake personality will gradually fade off, making you “a deceitful person”.

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