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6 best Ways to maintain a good mental state

by George Mensah

The topic of mental health has become unending in our world today, as everyone is beginning to see the need to protect their good mental health and that of others.

According to Wikipedia, “Mental health encompasses emotional, psychological, and social well-being, influencing cognition, perception, and behavior. It likewise determines how an individual handles stress, interpersonal relationships, and decision-making.”

There are all those little things we ignore thinking they are unrelated to our mental state like, how we speak to the uber driver out of pressure from being late for an event, how we munch on the next available thing because of hunger etc.
Because our mental health determines how we handle nearly everything concerning us and others, it’s important to ensure you are in the right frame of mind at all times, even when angry. Yes, if your mental energy is right, your reaction in times of anger will be in the right direction. Yelling is fine. Just don’t overdo it because you’ll be disturbing the mental state of the other person in question.

Let’s take a look at some ways to maintain a good mental state;

•Never look down on yourself;

for me, the first step to maintaining your mental state or health is valuing yourself. There’s nobody that can ever love you like you. Knowing and acknowledging your value or worth can prove very beneficial. If you love and accept yourself, there is nothing anybody will do or say that can get to you so much, you can’t bounce back from it. If someone should tell you, you look “fat” which may be true by the way. You are most likely not to react to it negatively if you love your body and all it encompasses. Sometimes, it may get to you, but if you have your self-value up to a certain level, you’ll shake it off and allow it no space in your mind.

•Stay physically active;

Yes, I know it may not sound like it, but exercising is good for our overall health and mental health is no exception. Engaging in physical exercises can cause chemical changes in our brains which can aid in changing your mood positively. If you are dull and tired or stressed, you will notice a drop in your adrenaline. This in turn affects your general mood and interpersonal communication.

•Identify and Keep up with things you enjoy doing;

Most hobbies have proven to bring is happiness or excitement simply because we enjoy doing them. In maintaining a good mental state, it’s important to continue engaging in such activities. It could be playing basketball/football, cooking, walking in the park, watching a TV series, etc. Engaging in this kind of activity on a routine basis is most likely to help you maintain a good state of mind.

•Seek professional help or talk to trusted loved ones if something is bothering you;

I know it can be hard to trust others to keep your secrets but it is very important. Even if these people cannot provide a solution, they may offer or provide you with some level of comfort and reassurance that can boost your confidence level and get you back on track. If you cannot talk to a health professional concerning issues, then it is wise to find a trusted friend that you can genuinely confide in whenever things get tough. Also, having people to share your joy or happiness with is equally good. Believe it or not, hearing a lot of “good job”, “well done”, “congratulations”, “I’m proud of you” etc. boosts our confidence levels and helps us to feel good about ourselves.

•Don’t depend on substances or unhealthy habits to get past life issues;

Coffee helps some people to keep active and if you find yourself in this category, you may always rely on it to deal with stress and tiredness instead of actually catching some good rest, which will prove to be more beneficial to your general well-being. Certain habits like playing video games to block yourself out of the world can also be detrimental to your mental health. Do not use illegal drugs to cope with what you’re feeling or going through because such things only seem to work in the short run. They won’t actually make you feel better but rather make you feel worse in the long run.


•Avoid Comparison at all costs;

It is good to want to improve, but not by comparing yourself to others in relation to looks, lifestyle, development, etc. Comparison can steal away your self-worth. It is only normal to desire or feel the need to catch up with others and your friends/family doing well at their level. But try not to compare yourself with them and start measuring your worth against theirs because this can seriously disturb your mental state. As far as you are doing better than your old self, you are doing amazing.

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