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4 Ways to Enhancing Long-Distance Relationships

by George Mensah

I know several people who are really against the idea of long-distance relationships because they think they can’t get the most out of it. But I believe relationships are what you make them be. It’s actually a lot of work sustaining a relationship. It’s also okay to admit that, distance can sometimes create unnecessary boundaries for us to truly express our emotions at any point in time, but I will help you.

with a few tips that could enhance your long-distance relationship.

•Get very much acquainted with Each Other;

Sometimes, you may start dating someone who hasn’t met physically, and as much as that may not be advisable, if it works for you, that is absolutely okay. However, a create key to succeeding in a long-distance relationship is getting very familiar with each other. I’m talking about registering the other person’s voice, tone, facial expressions, etc. in your mind. Their pattern of thoughts also matters a lot. Because you will communicate blindly (not physically) most of the time, it’s important to know these things about them. That way, you get to picture what their expressions may look like during certain conversations. This also helps you not to misunderstand your partner because you cannot see their expressions during conversations. You could play several “getting to know each other” games to get started.

•Get a “We Time” as a couple;

It’s already hard enough that you cannot see your partner when you want to. Hence, it’s necessary to set aside some time out of your schedule just for you and your partner to catch up and enjoy some quality time together. It does not have to be every day. Probably twice a week at a specific time. Say every Wednesday and Sunday at 4 pm and 9 pm, respectively. It is important to keep in mind that; the time must be favorable for you both. You could read a book to each other or select the same movie on Netflix and discuss it as you both watch at different locations.

•Keep each other updated through short videos and pictures;

As a way of keeping each other in the known about your day and activities without doing so on a phone call or over text messages, you could exchange random pictures and videos of your daily activities. This is more fun and interesting. Hence, it helps to keep the relationship moving and exciting.

•Plan regular visits if possible;

Because of certain geographical boundaries, it may be difficult to visit your partner whenever you like. But where it is possible, plan to visit them as often as you can. Physical time is very much needed in relationships. Take for instance if you are in Ghana and your partner is in Nigeria, it’s quite easier to visit them. But if he/she lived in say the United Kingdom, that will be much harder. Weigh your situation and see what works for you.


Long-distance relationships can be as successful as short-distance ones. It all depends on you and your partner to determine what’s good for you and work towards it.

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