Google Maps and your business:Today is the time to check


You do not need to pay any money to have accurate info about your business listed on Google Maps. There’s a Verify your business on Google page that makes it all very simple. Once you’ve gone through the very simple process of verifying that you are who you say you are, you can list accurate, up-to-date information on Google about your business.

Google Maps and your business: Time to check it, now, today

Google Maps

To have the correct business information on Google Maps, you don’t have to pay any money. There’s a Google page that makes everything very easy to check your business. You can list accurate, up-to-date information on Google about your company once you have gone through the very easy process of verifying that you are who you say you are.

If you do not, Google Maps will still have precise information about your business in POSSIBLE. It’s not guaranteed, it’s possible. Especially because many companies have had to make significant changes over the last few years, the potential of Google Maps (and similar services) for inaccuracies in listing business information in your city currently exists enormously.

How to check your info

You could start by searching for your company’s address in Google Maps and check whether it lists your building and your company’s most accurate and updated information on the map. Search also on Google Maps for your company name and check whether Google provides correct information.

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If anything listed by Google is incorrect, Google does not have to provide accurate information in any way necessary. It may not appear fair or correct, but it is possible to ensure that the information listed by Google is true and correct for the public.


You’ll have to consider things like, as a business owner: “Want to avoid doing my work because Google Maps put the location pin at the wrong side of the block?” You could also consider, “Is my company badly ranked as Google Maps incorrectly listed our hours?”

Issues like this arise more often than you’re likely to think about – there’s a mess. And it is not only Google Maps, although you probably should start looking at curatorship. This is the first place. Right now, start – your time will be worth it!

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