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Top 5 Step Meditation Methods for a Stress Free Life

by George Mensah
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Top 5 Step Meditation Methods for a Stress Free Life

Given the demands of today’s society, we regularly find ourselves stressed in one way or another. Whether it’s an issue in the workplace or a conflict within our family/friends, these things will slowly drag us down. Before we understand it, we begin to lift that draining feeling inside us.

As such, one way that these matters can have an effect on us negatively is through sleep. By invading the subconscious and unconscious thoughts, our problems can disturb our sleeping pattern. When we consistently assume of such negative matters in our life, they emerge as part of our unconscious thoughts. In doing so, it damages the psyche which in turn affects the things that we dream of.

To visualize such, we can suppose of our minds as a water well. Present in basic historical methods for biological warfare, poisoning the well is one of the methods to defeat the enemy. While that tactic such can be interpreted differently today, the same imagery can be used in appreciation the complete thinking of dreams.

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If our minds are the water wells, our problems constitute the poison that infiltrates it. Drinking from this well will surely carry diseases, simply like a poisoned psyche becomes a catalyst for nightmares. Just like real diseases, these situations will lead to sleepless nights resulting in fatigue and stress that carries over.

With this, one solution to address this problem is by way of meditation, because you’ll be in a position to tap the limitless potential of your brain, permitting you to do away with the negative stuff that affects your sleep patterns.

Here is the five-step meditation method which will assist us tackle these problems:

1. Breathing in-and-out
First off, breathing is an integral part of human life. As we inhale and exhale, oxygen flows whilst carbon dioxide goes. Nonetheless, it’s an simple truth performs an integral function in the way we live.But extra than that, proper breathing is additionally the first step in doing meditation. When we breathe, we also release and consume energy; a integral principle in meditation. Allowing ourselves to inhale and exhale desirable means that we come to be more sensitive to the flow of energy.

2. Try to heighten your senses

Heightening your senses is another fundamental step in physically preparing yourself for the entire manner of meditation. As you strive to listen and redirect your focus, try to improve your body’s sensitivity.To do this, you have to focus on sensations in your body. For instance, you have to get a generic feel of your body’s heaviness, or the warmth at your fingertips. You can also pay attention to the heritage music around you and discover if there are needless noises. In doing so, it will considerably improve your focus to obtain the first-class meditation mood.

“Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. It’s a way of entering into the quiet that’s already there.” – Deepak Chopra

3. Review your day and let the ideas flow

After making ready your self for the complete activity, this third step is the genuine meditation itself. By reviewing the activities in your day, you’ll be in a position to see the bigger picture. With the calm state you’re in, allowing your ideas to truly flow means that you don’t focus on one positive or bad thought.Rather, by way of making it flow, you can get a holistic view of things. Such a bird’s eye view is necessary for disposing of the negative thoughts because you’re slowly able to identify which components are causing the problem.

By knowing which parts are affected, you can sift via matters and identify aspects of your life that cause these nightmares.

4. Identify a chakra point that addresses your problems

Since you’ve now recognized your stress, the next step to do away with these nightmares and sleepless nights is to address the relevant chakra points. While this isn’t the solely way to resolve such struggles, chakra meditation is one of the key practices that we can do.Why so? Given that bad energy plagues our system, one of the best approaches to sort it out is to identify which factors are blocked. When some chakra points are overactive, we are unable to let effective energy in.

Without positive energy, we can think about our body filled with carbon dioxide alone. Filled with toxins, we will end up having those sleepless nights as such plagues our whole system.

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” – Buddha

5. Do a charka exercise that relieves the affected area

To complete the meditation, the end goal is to ease the region that is blocked or overactive. By performing particular methods together with recovery crystals, you’ll be in a position to tackle the affected area.

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For instance, if you’re having trouble with your relationships, focusing on the heart charka means you can slowly deal with the sleepless nights and the desiresyou’re having right now.

Although one session won’t totally change things overnight, continuously doing this strengthens your core charka factors which will eventually cast off the needless stuff and let the good ones in.

Slowly but surely, doing your meditation together with Chakra cleaning will allow you to deal with your nightmares. By calming your self thru such, you’ll be capable to destress and let things flow. This will give you time and space to reflect and rest, leading to a higher and renewed you.

Do you meditate? If so, how has it impacted your life? Share your thoughts with us below!

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