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6 Menstrual Hygiene Tips

by George Mensah

Menstruation also known as “period” is a normal biological process women experience each month. It happens when the uterus sheds blood and tissue from the uterine lining which leaves the body through the vagina.

During menstruation, the risk of getting vaginal infections is also heightened because, the mucus that usually blocks your cervix, gives way during menstruation to allow blood flow out of the vagina, which makes it possible for bacteria to travel up into your uterus and pelvis cavity.
It is therefore important to give your body extra care during menstruation, to prevent odor, and infections and comfort you.

•Change your sanitary menstrual products often;

Whether you choose to use sanitary pads, tampons, or menstrual cups, change and clean up often. Regardless of how light your flow may be, make sure to not wear one sanitary pad or tampon for the whole day. And remember to change them more frequently if your period is heavy.

•Do not wear tight and heavyweight clothing/underwear;

Because, tight fabrics can trap moisture and heat, which gives room for germs to thrive, it is advisable to put on breathable clothing and underwear during menstruation. Preferably cotton.

•Bath at least twice a day;

It is important to keep your genital area clean during menstruation, and this can be done by bathing regularly–at least twice a day. It is true the vagina is a self-cleaning organ but your vulva is not. Hence, it’s good to wash or clean it properly.

•Stick to unscented products and shower wash;

Scented hygiene products may cause skin irritations and change your natural pH balance. Try not to purchase sanitary towels, tampons, toilet paper, or soaps that are scented. Using scented sanitary products on your genitals won’t make any positive difference.

•Drink lots of liquids or fluids.

You may have heard people recommend drinking lots of water during menstruation. This is because, it can help keep you hydrated and encourage frequent urination, which can help wash out your urinary tract and help prevent infection.

•Properly Dispose of sanitary menstrual products and sanitize your menstrual cups;

It is advisable to neatly wrap your used sanitary products or tampons before dumping them in the bin, to prevent the spread of bacteria. Also, if you are using a menstrual cup, don’t forget to wash it after use with warm water and some salt, for sterilization.


Finally, do not forget to keep emergency sanitary menstrual products (sanitary pads, tampons, tissue or wipes, antiseptics etc.) with you always.

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